Paula Conn

Creating comprehensive, research-driven, user experiences

About Me

I am a Graduate Research Assistant at the Center for Accessibility and Inclusion Research Lab and a PhD student at Rochester Institute of Technology's Computing and Information Sciences Program.

My work focuses on two key areas:

  1. User Research: Identifying unmet user needs through quantitative and qualitative research methods.
  2. Data Analytics: Analysis and reporting of data using Python, R, and Java. (see Github Page)

I'm always striving to improve the accessibility of this website, so check back for updates. I hope you enjoy my work!



PhD Graduate Research Assistant

Rochester Institute of Technology,
Center for Accessibility and Inclusion Research

  • Gathered and analyzed longitudional survey and textual data to determine the effectiveness of computing teaching methods.
  • Tutored graduate students on usability engineering principles, methods (usability testing, heuristic analysis, card sorting, survey design, A/B testing), and analysis in the course HCIN-630.

Project funding: $450K National Science Foundation

User Experience Researcher Intern


  • Developed hardware guidelines through primary and secondary research. These guidelines contain 80+ actionable insights for all Google hardware products, and are currently being used to define new product development process and related OKRs.
  • Produced the first hardware study launch that met GDPR standards. Contributed to the launch of a standard study outline that accelerates new product research for Google Hardware teams.
  • Conducted sentiment analysis and part of speech tagging on surveys (via Python) to automate analysis and reporting.

Business Intelligence Analyst Consultant


  • Developed sales recommender systems, opportunity forecasting, and account clustering models for enterprise customers using Azure Machine Learning, R, and SQL. Combined insights into Power BI visualizations.
  • Delivered custom dashboards for the executive VP, CEO, and project managers to quantify business opportunities, employee allocation, and revenue to target. Provided up-to-date results by linking data sources (Dynamics 365, Sharepoint, and Web services) via DAX and PowerBI.


Smart Headphones

Headphone design for hard of hearing and hearing users. The design amplifies sound, includes a rechargeable power source, bluetooth capabilities, and captioned audio recording.

Inventory Management System

An easy to use stock-management system for laboratory technicians. The designs were strategically created for ease of use while highlighting the novel technology.

electrical transformer

Electrical Transformer Maintenance

Data analysis and classification of which transformers will require maintenance. Created Matlab programs to isolate each of the features using multivariate linear and logistic regression.

Adjustable Workstation

Custom workstation that allows the user to work sitting or standing. The design incorporates human factors and anthropometrics.

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