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Creator of comprehensive, research-driven, user experiences

About Me

I am a Graduate Research Assistant at the Center for Accessibility and Inclusion Research Lab, a User Experience Research Intern at Google, and a PhD student at Rochester Institute of Technology's Computing and Information Sciences Program.

This site is a work in progress so check back often for updates. I hope you enjoy my work!

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PhD Student

Computing and Information Sciences,
Rochester Institute of Technology

Focus in human-computer interaction

Awards: Heidelberg Laureate Forum Young Researcher Award

Graduate Research Assistant

Rochester Institute of Technology,
Center for Accessibility and Inclusion Research

  • Conducted qualitative coding and analysis (Cohen's kappa, Krippendorff's alpha) on student deliverables to determine the effectiveness of computing teaching methods.
  • Collected survey data at the start and end of each semester

Project funding: $450K National Science Foundation

Usability Teaching Assistant

Rochester Institute of Technology

  • Tutored graduate students on usability engineering principles, methods (usability testing, heuristic analysis, card sorting, survey design, A/B testing), and analysis in the course HCIN-630.
  • Trained students on the technology and software (Morae) in the usability testing laboratory. Graded student deliverables.
  • Supported students with their client-sponsored projects.

Graduate Research Assistant

Rochester Institute of Technology,
Center for Accessibility and Inclusion Research

  • Developed a java program to analyze the language patterns in the crowdsourced corpus, AphasiaBank.
  • Developed a python program to cluster and classify language features by aphasia diagnostic outcome. This ongoing research identifies the spoken language differences among subpopulations with post-stroke aphasia.

Awards: Effective Access Technologies Conference (3rd Place Best Poster Award)

Additional Publication Venues: Pervasive Technologies Related to Assistive Devices (ACM), Tapia Conference (ACM)


Hearing aid and phone with mobile app

Hearing Aid

Headphone design for hard of hearing and hearing users. The design amplifies sound, includes a rechargeable power source, and bluetooth capabilities.

Photo of nurse using the inventory app

Inventory Management

An easy to use stock-management system for laboratory technicians. The designs were strategically created for ease of use while highlighting the novel technology.

Image of an electrical transformer

Electrical Transformers

Code | Report (PDF)

Data analysis and classification of which transformers will require maintenance. Created Matlab programs to isolate each of the features using multivariate linear and logistic regression.

Workstation design in an office


Custom workstation that allows the user to work sitting or standing. The design incorporates human factors and anthropometrics.

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